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Limited Liability Company SIA “Hansa Interactive” — dating portal otrapuse, hereinafter referred to as the Portal, Reg. No. 50103237861, address: Riga, 195-22 Brīvības gatve, 1039; e-mail address: [email protected]; ensures the protection of personal data of its visitors in accordance with the effective laws and regulations in Latvia. The portal has taken all the necessary measures to ensure the security of personal data and to prevent unreasoned, unauthorised access of third parties to such data.

By registering in the Portal, you agree that all data provided by you will be used for data processing in the database of

Within the portal, personal data is processed in compliance with the confidentiality requirements and taking care of the security of the data at our disposal. Various security measures are in place to prevent unauthorised access to users’ data, disclosure or use of other inappropriate personal data. Proper data processing, storage, data integrity with an appropriate level of security is ensured. The used security measures are constantly improved in accordance with the requirements accepted in the country, as well as appropriate data protection security measures are observed.


When registering in the Portal, the following information is processed: registration time, e-mail address, telephone number, name provided by the user, gender, country of residence, city, date of birth. After registration, the profile can be supplemented with a profile picture, gallery pictures, “Questionnaire”, which optionally provides general information about yourself, your interests, lifestyle, hobbies and goals in the portal, etc.

The device from which the Portal is used is recognised, as well as the operating system, web browser, IP address, cookies, connection time and duration, last activity in the Portal, mobile operator (if the user has purchased a subscription via text message), device location (if the user uses the search function “Nearest” and approves access to his/her location), the associated phone numbers, payment method (for example, sms, iTunes, BankLink, etc.) and informative data related to the payment transactions. Information about the users whom the person communicates with is collected, as well as information about initiated or commented discussions in the section “Chat”. Information from third party websites is processed by logging in to the Portal via,, google+,

Data about your activities in the application may be sent to third parties in aggregated form for the purpose of collecting statistics and tracking errors.


Your privacy and data protection are important to us. Information obtained about the users of the Portal is processed according to the purpose of its acquisition. To provide the use of the Portal services, to promote quality, to make improvements, to ensure a safe internet environment, to prevent abuse of the Portal, to protect the interests of the parties, and if necessary, to provide information and to answer questions, etc.


The following public information is available to other users of the portal: name, age, place of residence specified by the user, general information filled in in the section “Questionnaire”, photos attached, time, when the portal was last visited. In the “Search” section it is also possible to select another user based on the information provided in the profile. In the “Statistics” section, it is possible to see which other users have viewed your profile. The public content is available through the Portal in the full web version and application.


Data can be processed both in aggregated form and individually, for example for statistical processing, for creating offers, etc. The personal data held by the Portal is considered to be restricted access information and may only be disclosed to third parties in the cases, in accordance with the procedure and to the extent specified in the concluded agreements, in order to ensure high-quality functioning of the Portal and use of SMS subscription services. Transferring personal data to the portal's contractual partners (independent controllers), additional provisions regarding personal data processing are provided in the corresponding agreements.

The data may be transferred to law enforcement authorities, if violations of the law are identified.


Upon the receipt of the user’s request to delete personal data, such data will be deleted within 2 weeks of the request. If the profile is deleted from the Portal, the data will not be available to other users; however, the data will remain in the Portal system for up to 3 months from the moment of deletion of the profile. Data of a deleted profile may be processed, if requested so by law enforcement authorities. When deleting a profile, a small proportion of the data may remain in the database to ensure the quality of the Portal. The User has the right to request information about all his/her personal data stored in the database of the Portal. If the user profile has not been used for more than 1 year, it will be deleted automatically.


This cookie policy has been compiled in order to provide the users with further information about the technologies used on the website and their use by us.

The Portal otrapuse also uses cookies that allow us to collect information about users' visits. Cookies are small alphanumeric files that are downloaded and stored on your computer or other device (such as mobile phone, tablet) and stored in your web browser, when you visit a website.

This data is anonymous, but it allows us to provide users with the most relevant content. This helps the web-site to remember your username and settings (such as language, font size, and other display settings) so you don't have to re-enter them each time. By continuing to use the dating web-site otrapuse, the user agrees that we may store cookies on the user's device. You can delete cookies on your device or in the web-site user settings at any time.

We use different types of cookies that are placed by default (such as “essential” cookies), but we ask for your consent for certain cookies that are used for analytical and targeting purposes. When giving your consent in the cookie bar that appears when you visit our web-site, you choose whether to allow the use of analytical cookies or not.

otrapuse uses two categories of cookies, but user consent is required for only one of them. By giving your consent to the analytical cookie category, you agree to all cookies in that category (see the detailed list of cookies below). You can change your preferences and decline to use cookies at any time.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies — these cookies ensure the correct functioning of the website by providing its basic functions. Without these cookies, the website will not be able to function properly.
The essential cookies are important and allow users to access various parts of the website. These cookies are stored on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device, while you visit and browse the website or for a certain period of time. They are set in response to user actions that constitute a request for a service, such as setting privacy preferences, signing in, or filling out different forms. These cookies are essential for the functioning of the website and cannot be excluded, therefore the user's consent to this category of cookies is not required:
  • nops — this cookie is necessary for the user to be able to log in
  • uids — this cookie is necessary for the system to recognise previous user visits to the Portal
  • language — this cookie is used so that we recognise the language selected by the user
  • fl — this cookie is necessary to display the authorisation or registration form on the first page, depending on whether the user has already logged in to the Portal or not
  • cc_cookie — this cookie is necessary for system to recognize the user-approved cookie settings
  • __cflb — this cookie allows the system to route all requests by the user to the same server

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies allow us to track the number of visits and sources, so that we can measure and improve the performance of our website. They help us understand, which pages are most popular and which are used the least, as well as how visitors navigate our site. If you opt out of using these cookies, your visit will not be included in our statistics, but at the same time will not restrict your activities on our website:
  • _fbp — this cookie is required for users to allow the transfer of traffic data to the statistics collection tool Facebook pixel. This cookie assigns a unique identifier and allows you to track web-site visitors across different web-sites.
  • _ga, _gat, _gid — these three cookies are required for all users to allow the transmission of traffic data to the statistics collection tool google analytics.

The Portal has the right to supplement or change the Privacy Policy, if required to do so.

SIA “Hansa Interactive”,, e-mail: [email protected].
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